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Find horticultural staff or landscaping staff with hortejobs.

Using hortejobs makes sense. Employers only pay for adverts there are no hidden fees or recruitment charges when using our jobs board service.

We offer two levels of employment adverts our budget standard adverts or our advanced featured advert as described below with additional job marketing tools:

Your Advert

We recommend reading our guide on what to include in your job advert

Our responsive website ensures each advert is accessible to jobseekers searching on devices from smart phones to desktops.

Featured adverts have an enhanced appearance on our search results with your logo appearing alongside the advert summary.

Social Media - Use this hot new tool to reach more people!

Add a job specific Facebook photograph to your featured advert. If possible the advert should depict the job role or company we use this image to help promote the vacancy to more applicants via our social media network. The photograph should ideally be 526x275 Pixels in size. We can help size this for you if you are having difficulties.

Corporate Video - Make your advert stand out !

Make and load a short video about the specific job or the company and load it to YouTube then add the link to your advert. The film will be embedded in the advert to be viewed by potential applicants giving them a real feel for the company. Video is definalty the future, investment in a short video to promote your company to customers can also be used to promote your company to potential employees.


You will have 24/7 access to your account allowing you to manage your adverts and view any application messages at times to suit your needs. In your account you can load a new job advert, amend an existing advert, view current advert statistics, clone previous adverts and view and download invoices.

Job Alerts

The job category you select will create an automated Job Alert email informing our Job Seeker applicants that a positon meeting their criteria has been loaded. Please ensure you select the correct job category to best match your position. Please also be aware for this reason we only allow one job role per advert multiple job roles on one advert will not work as only the matching job category will be informed a role has been added.


Our message service ensures your applications are never lost in junk or spam mail they will be sent to you but also stroed against each job role ensuring you never miss an application. You can access your management area and messages whilst on the move via notebook or smartphone. You will recive an automated reminder informing you when your advert has expired.

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Larger companies may want to review the benefits of a corporate page.

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Arbsites Ltd makes no representations or warranties in relation to employment offered or information provided by advertiser's. It is the applicant’s duty to fully investigate any company and agree terms before accepting employment.